Eight Weeks Equals Fifteen Inches

Vert shock review will change your jumping skills in two months! Vert shock review is a jump ability improvement program used a scientific approach which will make your jump ability improve in a short t ime and easy way than your usual jumping program. This program based on the result research that connection between nervous systems mainly from type II B fiber responsible for “explosive” motion in our body such as jumping. According to that fact, the programs used effective training exercises which focus on training the nervous system and then embedded it in our body as a muscle memory. When it is already embedded in muscle memory you can use your ability in your please and without the need to do something special to achieve the maximum jump.

Vert Shock program lasts only for eight weeks for the complete session . In eight weeks you will complete three phases which include pre-shock, shock phase, and post-shock phase . The first phase is pre-shock phase required a week training period, the second and main phase called shock phase required six week training period and the last phase is post-shock phase required a week training period. Each phase has a different purpose, but each of it directly connected and dependable to each other. The important thing is the result can be seen even if you are the newcomer to this program. Vert Shock program offers you a fast result of the program. You can see your jumping skill improvement only a week after you followed the program. In this stage, your jump skills can increase around 3 to 5 inches. If you complete the program, you can improve your jumping skill up to 15 inches. Two months program resulted in 15 inches improvement? What are you waiting for? Get your product fast and enjoy your 15 inches jump!