How To Improve Body Immature With Natural

If our mineral and vitamin needs are met, our immune system increases and we can avoid various diseases in this extreme season of transition. Indeed, in plain water it also contains minerals, but it would be better if added again with additional minerals derived from natural herbs, such as minerals in a refreshing solution. One solution to prevent heat in the transition season, namely to consume a refreshing solution. The freshening solution contains Gypsum Fibrosum which functions to cool the body and Calcium minerals that dissolve in water. Both of these minerals have been consumed by Chinese people since time immemorial. It would be better if the consumption of the freshening solution is accompanied by

Refresher solutions can be taken daily, as there is no overdose of healthy fluid intake. Needs of healthy people fluids about 2 liters a day or 8 cups (250 ml) in a day. Excess fluid is not known except for patients with kidney failure and heart failure. Only two of these patients whose fluid intake need to be limited. Rules consumption of this solution, according to Yuna, has been adjusted according to daily needs. Adults are encouraged to drink 100-200 ml three times a day. so about three bottles for packing 200 ml. If the bottle can be 500 ml for two drinks. But if it is well hydrated, just one bottle a day, adjusted to the symptoms felt by the individual.