This is the processor that is integrated into the Altera

FPGA Made ARM-based Soc Application developed by Altera can be integrated into processor ARM Cortex A9-single or dual core, and ECC (Error Correcting Code) that protect the memory controller. FPGA also has the features of the system processor with 800-MHz ARM Cortex-A9Core. Altera fpga development board always give the best and develop their products from all aspects of FPGA.

This processor system can also deliver 4,000 DMIPS or around 1.8 watts. For you who do not know, FPGA can be configured using several methods including serial flash, flash parallel and HPS (Hard Processor System) under the control of the program.

The system processor ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore and FPGA connected by data line can provide 125 Gbps bandwidth. Also includes an FPGA DSP blocks and more than three control ECC memory that is protected.
From the explanations provided, Altera fpga development board clearly want to give the best to users that always using FPGA. Altera is no doubt in the making of quality FPGA and makes it easier for users.