Thousands of Languages Around the World Are Represented by English, Fair Enough?

Maybe all of you are wonder why English is becoming an international language. Why not German, Spanish, or Hindi? This question will be explained in the article below. On the other hand, learning English is not complete if you are not getting a formal education from an English course institution. Besides to deepening the vocabulary, English language courses can also help you to measure your language skills. It has been done by britishlifeskills, because now the registration for B1 english test has been opened for all of you.

1. English Has Many Vocabularies
English includes a language that has a very large vocabulary. In addition, the development of English vocabulary is also very rapid. Google’s largest internet company says that English has a vocabulary development of at least 8,500 words per year, currently English has more than 1,022.00 words.

2. Easy to learn
Maybe another country feel the easiest language to learn is their own language, but imagine if the English people should learn another country’s language, it would be very difficult because their tongues are not appropriate.