How to keep bugs and pests out of your house

The presence of pests and insects in the house can certainly invite viruses and diseases that are harmful to the inhabitants. In addition, the cost of care to repel pests that have been breeding at home was fairly large. So that’s why aside from finding a reliable and affordable exterminator, you will definitely need to know the ways to prevent those critters from infesting your home.

Before you regret later, it’s good if you prevent the emergence of pest and insect colonies in your home. For that, take precautions in every corner of the house in the following ways.


Limit the dining area. Make rules at home to enjoy a meal just at the dinner table or in the kitchen. By limiting the eating area you have minimized the risk of spilled or scattered food scraps. This can also prevent the emergence of pests and insects in other rooms that are in the house

Clean the floor every day. Perform regular cleaning of the house, can be by sweeping, mopping or vacuuming. The rest of the food is scattered must be cleaned so as not to be immediately inspected. If you forgot to clean the floor one day then the crowd of insects can contaminate your floor.

Wipe the spilled water immediately. Filthy floors may invite insects, for that if water or other liquids are spilled onto the floor immediately on a rag and cleaned with cleaning fluid. Note also the part under furniture that is exposed to liquid spills.

Wash the dishes. Piling up dishwasher in the sink is a bad habit. Even dishes that have been rinsed can invite insects if left in a long time. So make sure after washing the dishes immediately dry the utensils with the sink area.

Clean the drain. Ensure that any watering ditches are immediately cleaned and dried. Many insects come to the house to settle in the water. Fix immediately the leaky sink and the problematic drainage in your home.


Wipe the jar. After using a bottle or jar, be sure to wipe off the outside and inside. The remaining fluids such as syrup, honey, oil, and peanut sauce attached to the container can attract insects to come.

Close the container tightly. Insects can enter any food container unless it is closed tightly. Replace containers of sugar, flour, cereal, and other frequently-opened feeding ingredients in sealed and tight containers.

Pay attention to fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for your body’s nutritional intake, but if it’s too long kept in the pantry you can get insects and pests. Store and seal on tight containers or discard them when they are not fresh.


Wash clean clothes before storage. Dirty clothing can invite moths and other insects to perch. So before hanging clothes or jackets in the closet, you should wash thoroughly. Laying clothes in the closet or tightly closed drawers can also prevent pests from occurring.


Clean the container. Make sure to wash all containers made of plastic, glass, and iron. Scrub the surface of the container with a brush and do the cleaning every once a month.

Give each trash a cover. Closed bins can avoid the insects and make the surrounding area free from odor.