Common Mistakes In Grammar

English grammar has become a deeply echoed thing to date. Ridicule and reproach are often raised when someone makes a grammar mistake. No wonder, many people are competing to improve their grammar in various ways, some are willing to pay a high price for an English course, some think 10 times before writing or speaking when there is an easy way to correct grammar on your writing by click here.

Here are some common mistakes in grammar use:

– Affect vs Effect. All you need to know about Affect and Effect is, Affect means influence or to influence. While Effect means the influence of something or result.

– Coma error. A comma error can make your sentence misconstrued. When you write, let’s eat grandma and let’s eat, grandma, of course, the second sentence is a much more polite sentence. Then, the first sentence will be pronounced like a command line. Coma gives a better sense to your sentence, this mark can make the sentence to be slower and comfortable to say.