Do not Make These Small Mistakes When Learning English

You must often make mistakes while learning English, right? however, lest you make a few small mistakes because it will make you very shy. Especially if you plan to move abroad or continue education in your destination country. You have to take an English test so that the process you live can run smoothly. You should take the test at Trinity college glasgow and set your schedule according to your needs.

However, remember that you are not allowed to do some of these errors:

1. Annoying – Annoyed
You must understand the difference between these two words. When you say “I’m annoyed” it means you’re bothered, but if you say “I’m Annoying” it means you’re a nuisance. So you have to distinguish both meanings.

2. Wish – Hope
Many people equate these two words, when in fact they have very different meanings. “Wish” usually a used for something that is not possible to happen, while “hope” is used for something that is likely to happen.

3. Boring – Bored
Just as before, many people think that these two words mean the same thing, when in fact they are different. The word “boring” is usually used when you feel bored, but if you use the word “bored” it means you are boring.