The Workout Effects On Men And Women Are Different, This Causes

The workout is well done by everyone, both men, and women. However, it should be noted that the portion of workout performed by men and women must be unambiguous and unequal. Many workouts can be done by both men and women. In fact, you need to know workouts for men and women so you can do it with friends or loved ones.

However, did you know that the effects of sport on men’s and women’s bodies are different? There are some similarities to the effect of the same sport can be different if done by men and women.

– Men and Women Mmeiliki Respin Body Different
Despite having the same organ in the body, but men and women have some uniqueness and other differences in their bodies. This makes the process happening in the tube slightly different, including when doing a routine daily routine.

– Women Have More Body Fat
Basically, men have less fat stores than women. This is caused by higher levels of estrogen hormone in women. Even athletes. Female athletes still have high-fat content which is about 8% of the total body composition. When compared with male athletes who only have the fat about 4%. That means women should exercise several times harder to get the same results.

– Men Have More Body Muscles That Are Shaped
Muscle mass owned by man is more than women. This is caused by the hormone testosterone that is in the natural body man. In fact, women also have this hormone, but in small amounts. The hormone makes the men able to develop muscle in their body in larger quantities. In addition, men also have a proportion of muscle fibers more than women. This will result in higher strength and speed. So, do not be confused why men more easily build muscle body compared with women.