Know the Types of Welds!

As we know, the building is not just about cement and bricks, but also about iron. Well to unite the iron is required the best welder services like in MIG Welders for the resulting results can be sturdy and beautiful. Regardless, based on classification, welding can be divided into three main classes, here are the explanations!

1. Liquid welding is a method of welding in which the joint is heated to melt with a heat source from an electric arc or a burning gas flame.

2. Welding press is a way of welding where the connection is heated and then pressed to become one.

3. De-soldering is the method of welding where the joints are bonded and incorporated using a metal alloy having a low liquid point. In this case, the parent metal does not melt.

The most widely used welding at this time is the liquid welding with the gas bow. Therefore the two ways are electric arc welding and gas welding will be discussed separately.