The Unique Tradition of Moving Home!

Moving home is a very important moment. Leaving a place that you have been occupied of course is very heavy. The moments where you spend your time in your old home will always be remembered. In a new place, you also need time to adapt to the surrounding environment. Well if you are now also planning to move to the stone house, then the most important thing for you to consider is to choose a cheap and reliable freight truck as offered by We Like To Move It, Move It !! LLC.

Regardless, for some areas, moving house is a sacred tradition. There are certain traditions that must be done to be comfortable in a new place later. So here are some unique traditions that are done when moving the house!

Sign Out from the Same Door
In Ireland, there is a tradition which requires getting in and out at the same door when moving home. Local people have a habit of going in and out of the same door in a new house when they first arrive. They believe that if they go in and out of different doors, then when inhabited they will experience bad things.

Spread Coins
The tradition spread all over this new home from the Philippines. Those who do this believe that the whole house that occupies this new home will be overwhelmed by luck and prosperity.

Spread Salt
This salt tradition is practiced in several countries and tribes around the world. They believe they will succeed in driving away the evil spirits in the new house they will occupy.

Bringing a Citrus Tree
Still, with China, he thinks oranges are a symbol of luck and prosperity. Do not be surprised if at the time of your lunar celebration treated to oranges by a Chinese family. Based on the notion, they usually also bring orange trees when moving home to bring good luck and prosperity to his grandchildren later.