List of Things to Make When Preparing for Marriage in Short Time

Preparing a big day in your life is not easy. Especially with the many desires of the couple and the two sides of the family that can not be ignored, making the bride sometimes so stressful in preparation for marriage. Some people have the advantage of preparing for all the details of marriage in a long time, for example for a year to make a perfect party. The others, just have a short time to it. If you are preparing for a wedding in less than 6 months, the following list may be a guide. For a wedding venue, you can trust Newton Hall Weddings.

1. Create a Budget
Make sure your first week is filled with making a budget. The calculation should be clear, what percentage you and your lover contribute to the budget. From here, you can start looking for places, catering or decorating vendors by adjusting the budget you have made before. Make sure you prepare more budget to anticipate the unexpected costs.

2. Knowing the Concept of the Party
Discuss with your spouse what your dream wedding is like and her. Whether wanting a wedding in a luxurious building, or a simple garden party. By knowing the big theme, then it will be easier to choose decoration, dress, souvenir, invitation theme and others.

3. Choosing Catering
Although preparing the wedding in quick time, you should still do food tasting to ensure the quality and feasibility of food. It’s easier if you choose a catering vendor that already has a package in it, such as a studio for wedding dresses, decorations to wedding photographers. That way, any list of preparations can be done at once.

4. Place of Marriage
After determining the cost budget, start to find the location of the wedding. However, the difficulty of finding a wedding building to be one of the obstacles that often faced to prepare a wedding in a short time. This mother of two children suggested being more creative by finding a place that matches the number of invited guests. There are several alternatives to choose from, for example, restaurants, parks or beaches.