New Carpet Type Today

The floor is an important element in providing the comfort of the residence. Many people choose to coat the floor with carpet. In addition, to beautify the room, the carpet also provides indoor warmth. If you plan on coating the floor of the house with a carpet, then you should also pay attention to cleanliness. Carpet cleaning can be maintained only by washing your carpet every 6 months in a professional wash-spot as you can find at In addition, first, recognize some materials as a consideration so no one chooses the type of carpet to be used!

1. Loop Pile Carpet
It is made from wool, nylon, or a combination of these three ingredients. It is able to hide footmarks. It is ideal for a busy place inside the house. Pet nails such as dogs and cats can be involved in this type of carpet, so pet owners should be careful. It is suitable to be placed in the living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway, and stairs.

2. Saxony carpet
It is made from knitted yarn. Its twisted texture makes it look elegant. The long texture makes it very comfortable when stepped on. Can be easily leveled and does not hide the footprints. Suitable placed in the living room, dining room, and bedroom.