Definition of Pension Program, Advantages and Disadvantages

Ideally, every employee follows and prepares a pension plan in order for them to have a pension. The following alternative pension plans can be taken into consideration. This program is linked to our employment and our income to determine the size of the pension. The pension is determined first according to the salary of the employee so that the worker can determine the amount of money to be received upon retirement age. It is retroactive, meaning it can accommodate the length of work that a worker has gone through when the pension program is established long after the company has run. You can also rely on us in preparing for your retirement by visiting our website at

In addition to retired workers, such workers’ families also need life insurance so that the Pension Guarantee is made in the form of a program that provides monthly income security for life for the retired or disabled worker, and for the heirs. The number of retirement benefits for each year of dues can be a percentage of the average salary or nominal amount. Participants of pension insurance are workers who have paid the dues. Benefits of pension security in the form of cash received every month with the following conditions as old-age pensions, accepted by participants after retirement to death and disability pension, received participants who are disabled by accident or due to illness until death.