Workout Based On Body Shape

If you are currently planning to build muscle mass, it will be better if and know your body shape first, then you can do physical activity in accordance with activities that match your body shape. And do not forget that you always check your body weight and body shape with the best bodybuilding app to always be controlled.

Therefore the following body shapes you need to know and how to handle it!
An endomorphic has a much faster ability to produce muscle and fat easily. However, it is quite difficult to remove the fat content so quickly. This is because the metabolic rate produced by the endomorph goes so slowly. The visual characteristics of a person with this type, such as wide waist circumference, large bony segments, and body shape stockier. For the record, people with the endomorph category tend to store more fat, rather than having to throw it away.

In the classification of subsequent posture is spelled out is not difficult in forming muscle or must eliminate fat. All the superiority of characteristic possessed by the mesomorph is indeed very beneficial, especially in forming the body to be athletic. So the term mesomorph is often touted as athletic genetic. It is characterized by a medium bone shape, not too thin or too large, solid body, low fat content, broad shoulders with slim waist. The more mesomorphs move actively, the faster the benefits of the definition of muscle become larger and drier.

Long body with muscle fibers so thin is the hallmark of a person who has a genetic ectomorph. In this classification, ecto is generally very difficult to gain weight, because the metabolism produced ecto faster burn calories in the body, much in comparison with endomorph metabolism. The ecto features such as: thin muscle fibers, long bones, flat chest, and small shoulders. Many medical circles advise if a person has a genetic ecto required to eat before bed, in order to avoid muscle catabolism at rest of the night. In addition, the recommended duration of exercise is not quite long, but the intensity of the exercise is enough to give contractions at large muscle spots.